Thursday, February 17, 2005

Top 1000 Library Books identified by OCLC Research

OCLC Top 1000 Web site [OCLC]: "Top 1000 Library Books identified by OCLC Research"

The new OCLC Top 1000 web site lists the works most widely held by libraries, with sublists, a readers' poll, sample cover art, "Find in a Library" links, comparisons to other lists, and a download file.

Visitors can view all 1,001 ranked titles or any of a baker's dozen different sublists, including banned books, biography, books made into films, children's books, drama, fiction, librarianship, music, poetry, and others.

Cover art and links to local libraries are available for most titles, and viewers can vote for their favorite library book then see how their preference compares with those of all other voters.

Viewers can read about the project, including how the list was developed and key points of interest about the items on the list.