Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yale Launches New Academic Program to Prepare Urban Teachers

Yale announces new free Master's Degree Program for prospective New Haven Teachers

Yale will train prospective teachers for free in return for an agreement to teach for three years in New Haven public schools, the University and the city recently announced.

The Yale Urban Teaching Initiative will offer a 14-month master's degree program run by the Yale Teacher Preparation Program through Yale's! Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The program will integrate graduate academic work with the requirements for a Connecticut secondary teaching certificate.

Yale will offer up to 10 Urban Teaching Fellowships each year. The fellowships will cover all tuition costs and pay a stipend of $18,000. Successful applicants -- known as the Yale Urban Teaching Corps -- will commit to teach in the New Haven public schools for three years after completion of the program.

Applicants to the Yale master's program will be expected to have a strong background in the subject they intend to teach; an interest in urban education that includes a serious commitment to students' achievement; a willingness to solve problems; and an ability to develop trusting relationships across racial, class and gender boundaries. All candidates must meet Connecticut state subject matter requirements prior to entry into the program. Mid-career applicants ! will be especially welcome.

The admissions process will open in August 2005 for the first class, which will be selected in the spring of 2006.

Read the Press Release, dated June 16, 2005: