Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Tuition Waiver for Gulf Coast Students

Seton Hall University has announced it will waive the tuition for students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

If you know students in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama who would be interested, please give them the following URL:

Students may also call (973) 313-6146 for more information. Seton Hall has 9,000 students. We are a Catholic institution but many, many of our students and faculty are of other faiths. The University is in South Orange, NJ. and the campus sits directly on the Newark, NJ city line. 30% of the students at Seton Hall are African-American or Latino.

Source: BCALA Listserv 9/6/2005 from Howard F. McGinn, Ph.D. Dean of University Libraries Seton Hall University, 400 South Orange Avenue, S. Orange, NJ 07079 Tel: 973-761-9019