Monday, November 21, 2005

2006 Connecticut Excellence in Public Library Service Award.

Nominate your Library for the 2006 Connecticut Excellence in Public Library Service Award.

This award will honor 4 Connecticut public libraries that have provided outstanding service to their communities. Awards will be given to a small library (under 15,000 population) and large library (over 15,000) in two categories: an overall program of services and one specific outstanding program or service.

The Connecticut State Library, Connecticut Library Association, Friends of Connecticut Libraries and the Association of Connecticut Library Boards sponsor the award.

Nominations will be judged on:
Creativity and innovation
Service to their community
Leadership in creating model programs
Programs which will effect the future of the library and its community

Winners will receive a:
Modest cash award
Feature story in Connecticut Libraries
Gala reception at the CLA annual conference A panel of judges from outside Connecticut will determine the winners.

Please nominate your library for it's excellent service and take this opportunity to toot your own horn!

Entry form and details are available at: