Thursday, December 1, 2005

New Certificate Program at Qeens College

Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies LEADERSHIP,ADMINISTRATION AND TECHNOLOGY

The Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College, CUNY is planning to offer an advanced program to prepare library/information service professionals for administrative responsibilities in libraries and other related information based organizations.

This program will consist of a series of courses forexperienced professionals that are interested in advancing their professional careers through middle and upper level administrative positions. The series of courses is designed to prepare these individuals for the new challenges these positions will present.

The students will be library/information service professionals holding the M.L.S. degree who are NOT interested in pursuing the School's Certificate of Post-Masters Studies in Librarianship or other advanceddegrees in library/informat! ion studies. The students will ideally begin as a cohort of approximately 15 and proceed through the envisioned sequence of five courses in three semesters. Either full time GSLIS faculty or adjunct faculty, appointed by theGSLIS, will be the instructors for the courses in this program.

Courses will address the competencies indicated in both nationalprofessional statements and specific local requirements for administrative positions in the metropolitan area. All courses will initially be offered as Variable Topics (GLIS 790) and be reviewed and approved by the GSLIS Curriculum & Syllabus Committee. There are a series of five courses envisioned: (1) an advanced course in administration to provide thefoundation for the more specific courses emphasizing in detail aspects ofadministration/leadership these students can be expected to encounter inthe management of a library/information center; (2) a course devoted to human resources management; (3) financial management/budgeting systems, contract negotiations, licensing and related fiscal issues; (4) the legal environment of the library/information center including legislation andregulations governing operations of the library/information center and the relationships between library/information center administrators and their parent institutions; and (5) facilities planning and design with a special emphasis on accommodating the information technology infrastructure required by modern library/information centers.

This program will be offered through the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies of Queens College either at the College or othersites depending upon the needs of the students. The tuition for New Yorkresidents will be $810 and there are additional fees. Students completing the entire sequence will have 15 graduate credits beyond their M.L.S. Subject to the approval of the College's governingbodies in curriculum matters; the long term plan of the GSLIS is torecognize this achievement with an appropriate credential/certificate. The initial course will be offered during the spring, 2006 semester.

Interested library/information service professionals desiring more specific information should contact the School (1-718-997-3790) or Dr. Virgil Blake(;

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