Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nyack Library African-American Author Conference & Book Fair

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The Nyack Library is a New York State Non-Profit Organization.

2nd Annual Nyack Library African-American Author Conference & Book Fair 2006

Nyack Library African-American Author Conference Panelists 2006

Topic: The Rules of Romance in African-American Literature
Anita Diggs, former editor at Random House & publicist at Penguin Books USA. She is the author of The Other Side of the Game, A Meeting in the Ladies Room, and more!

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Teri Woods, True to the Game, C.E.O. of Teri Woods Publishing Victoria Christopher Murray, Testimony, Grown Folks Business, Blessed Assurance
Stephanie Johnson author of She’s Got Issues, Rockin Robin Relentless Aaron, Platinum Dolls, Extra Marital Affairs plus 50 more! Janine A. Morris of Diva Diaries, Jihad, Street Life*

Nyack Library African-American Author Book Fair - Saturday, September 30th, 2006 Palisades Center / Mall - 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. West Nyack, N.Y. 10994

Book Fair @ Palisades Center (Buses Welcome) Come & Meet Deborah Gregory, Cheetah Girls Stephanie Johnson, She’s Got Issues, Rockin’ Robin Jihad, Street Life* Therone Shellman, Love Don’t Live Here Tim Hampton, Holding My Own, Still Holding My Own Rosalind McLymont, E.I.C. of The Network Journal & author of Middle Passage Karoline Bethea-Jones, Someone to Love Sandra L. Gittens, The Granny Sanny Poster Collection (Children’s) Q-Boro Books - Dynah Zale, Anna J., and Erick Gray Ted -David Mizingou, Darkened by the Sun Triple Crown Publications Gina Cox, Vigil And more authors to be confirmed!!!