Monday, July 6, 2009

E. J. Josey, Legendary Activist Librarian and Leader, Dies at 85

CHICAGO – Dr. E.J. Josey, professor emeritus, University of Pittsburgh, and past American Library Association (ALA) president (1984-85) passed away July 3 in Washington, N.C.

In 1964 Dr. Josey authored an ALA resolution forbidding ALA officers and staff from participating in state associations that denied membership to black librarians. This action led to the integration of the library association of several Southern states, and he became the first black librarian to be accepted as a member of the Georgia Library Association. .......MORE
Cards and contributions can be sent to the Foundation's address below:
The E.J. Josey Foundation for Justice and Peace
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Washington, NC 27889

Sources:7/6/09: ALA
I am deeply sadden to read the news of Dr. Josey passing. My condolences to the family. He will be missed. -PB