Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cut the Cuts to Library Funding!


Call Your Legislator Right Now. We expected a 4% cut. The proposed cuts are now 9%!

The cut to the Statewide Digital Library amounts to $164,163. This additional cut means losing our iConn newspaper database. This means no more access t o historical and current issues of the Hartford Courant, the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, Boston Globe and other major daily papers.
The cut to the Legal and Legislative Law Materials budget slashes funding for this important resource by $64,893. The State Library is CT's official Law Library. The public as well as the legal community and state government has come to rely on this imporant resource. This cut means we will no longer have access to important legal databases and other materials.
We need you to take action today and call your State Legislator. The special session dealing with the budget is slated to be over by Friday. Calls today and tomorrow can make the difference. Tell your State Legislators that they need to roll back both cuts to 4%--just like all the other cuts throughout the budget.
Call your State Rep today!